Synchronization Implementation

Multiple sync paths in Tally.ERP 9 enables business information flow between branches, regional headquarters and to Head Office in just one click.

Say for example

1. A branch at Ahmadabad needs to send information to its RO at Mumbai and also to the HO in Bangalore. Now this is just a click away!
2. A branch at Ahmadabad needs to send inventory information to a manufacturing plant at Pune come under Mumbai RO. Now in just a click the Stores Manager in Ahmadabad can share this vital information on stock position to both his RO head sitting at Mumbai and his counterpart Stores Manager at Pune plant. Again just a click away!

Synchronization Implementation

By this set up, business requests that can be addressed by a branch will be prioritized instead of sending the same request to Head Office for fulfillment. Lateral sync is also possible between branches in a region to optimize transactions and derive cost advantage. As stated in the example above, if Ahmedabad Branch has stock requirement that can be fulfilled by Pune plant that falls in the same region, then the request for material can be fulfilled inside the RO purview instead of going to the Head Office.

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